Welcome to

The Osprey

Georgetown, Maine

The Why

At The Osprey, we are committed to fostering relationships within our community.

We believe food is a basic need connecting us all. Restaurants exponentially broadcast that connection. We aim to aid in the curated quilt of our community.

The love of food and friends binds us together, it drives us to fill our days with fresh ingredients and happy times.

The Osprey team all share common goals of: spreading love and positivity, building trusting relationships, curating sustainability, maintaining honesty and practicing excellence.

The How

Walking in the door, you can feel the love behind every friendly smile. The space is filled with positivity and “good food & good friends”. We are fortunate to be located on Georgetown Island which is filled with rich Maine history and wonderful residents. The Osprey has been built on long standing communal relationships and we look forward to continuing to grow within this very special community.

We encourage a healthy work life balance to enjoy the beautiful Maine summers. Our team (well at least some of us) prioritize curating sustainability within our business practices as well as our individual lives. We work hard to reduce, recycle, and reuse; including repurposing all of our food waste into separate compost and farm feed. We will continue to improve on our efforts to support the earth which provides for our business and your enjoyment.

We stress the importance of honesty in all we do, as we strive for excellence. This drive reminds us “we don’t know what we don’t know” and that “you learn something new everyday”. We will always be looking for ways to improve our guests’ experience. We look forward to seeing you soon at The Osprey!