About Us


“Service Is Black and White; Hospitality Is Color” ― Will Guidara


Where It All Began

After 7 years of friendship, including 2 years of dating, Zoli and Sarah Kecskemethy found respite in Bay Point, Georgetown, Maine when the COVID pandemic started. Lock down certainly “locked it down” for them and Zoli proposed in June 2020, they married in March 2021 and opened The Osprey six weeks later. Following 3 years of a successful partnership amongst the Four Cuckoo Birds, Sarah & Zoli enter the 2024 season as sole owners. 

Sharing the idea that love of food and friends binds us, Sarah and Zoli lead with that mindset and fill the space with happy times. Our 6 core values: love & positivity, honesty, community, sustainability and excellence, create a wonderful experience for all.

Guests enjoy fresh ingredients, great views and exceptional service when they visit.


Connecting Past To Present

French Canadian and coastal Maine cuisine share a delightful synergy rooted in their respective regional influences and bountiful natural resources. Both culinary traditions boast a reverence for fresh, seasonal ingredients harvested from the land and sea. In coastal Maine, the rugged shores offer a treasure trove of seafood, from succulent lobster and briny oysters to plump scallops and tender clams, while French Canadian cuisine celebrates hearty fare like tourtière, a savory meat pie, and poutine, a comforting dish of fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy. The fusion of these two culinary worlds creates a harmonious blend of flavors, where the richness of Maine’s seafood meets the warmth of French Canadian comfort food. Whether indulging in a classic lobster bisque with a side of poutine or savoring a seafood-infused tourtière, dining at the intersection of French Canadian and coastal Maine cuisine promises a culinary adventure that tantalizes the taste buds and celebrates the best of both worlds.

Sarah and Zoli’s maternal lineage begins over the Canadian border. Sarah’s Grampy, James Comeau and his family come from Comeauville, on the western coast of Nova Scotia and her Nana, Mary Alice family is from Pacquetville, near the coast in northern New Brunswick. Zoli’s family come an area in New Brunswick north of Caribou, with the perfect climate and topography for growing potatoes. Zoli’s family were pioneers in the potato industry in the 1800’s and founded the town of New Canada which became known as in Daigle, Maine.

Sarah and Zoli will be celebrating their French-Canadian heritage with nods to specialty foods and family recipes. They look forward to bringing back classic coastal Maine recipes and continuing to provide that special “je ne sais quoi” experience you have come to expect when you visit. 

Guests have compared us to Cheers, as the space is always filled with positivity and “good food & good friends”. Walking in the door, you should still feel the familial love behind every friendly smile. The Osprey has been built on long standing communal relationships and we look forward to continuing to grow within this very special community. We celebrate, with local families, the fortunate of being located on Georgetown Island, the birthplace of Maine history. 

Sarah, Zoli and the team look forward to serving you this season at The Osprey!